Saturday, April 8, 2017

Strange the Dreamer Review

 Warning: This review contains spoilers.

This book came out on my birthday! It was perfect! But how on earth do I review an experience like this novel? For one thing, the writing is gorgeous and exquisite--but you only have to open up the book and read the prologue to know that.

Let me just make a list of things I loved and things I didn't:

Things I loved:

  • The poetic writing
  • The way she describes colors
  • The fact that I had to look up a few words 
  • How it disobeyed the rules of POV, poetically and perfectly, especially during the dream sequences between Lazlo and Sarai
  • How Lazlo isn't perfectly handsome
  • The story of how his nose got broken
  • The moths and their innovative dream-magic
  • The love story and how relatable and bright it was
  • How Minya can't age
  • The prologue
  • The sense of magical, awesome wonder I got when the citadel was first described
  • The buildup to the romance  how Sarai and Lazlo don't even meet until halfway through the book
  • Minya's gift
Things I didn't love:
  • The cliffhanger!! T.T
Other thoughts:

  • I thought it was strange how absent of humor the story was until Sarai entered the picture. I haven't puzzled out what that's about yet. 
  • Check out these drawings of the characters done by BlackBirdInk

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