Sunday, January 20, 2013

Team Will or Team Jem? The Love Triangle of Clockwork Angel & Prince

(Nothing to do with Clare. Just epic.)

Love triangles often make me sick. There’s usually an obvious winner, they detract from more powerful facets of plot, and they turn our heroine into a wishy-washy cheater. (Bella, Katniss.) There are worlds of character flaws that interest me more than do indecisiveness and unfaithfulness. 

But I like the love triangle between Tessa, Will, and Jem. 

Spoiler alert, but come on - It’s obvious from the get-go of Angel that Jem is dying. Here I find a compelling moral ambiguity. Is it better to humor your second choice if you’re his first, until he dies - or should honesty and loyalty prevail? Jem is vivid and effervescent and loving. Pitiful and deserving. Will is hilarious and hot and mysterious and long-suffering and secretly nerdy. Picking a favorite is hard. But in the end, perhaps...

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  1. I like this. Never thought of love triangles that way before. Very Clever.