Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Southern Gingers: Coming to a Theater Near You!

I am happy to announce a separate blog which shall motivate and inspire me to update this one more often. Two Southern Gingers in the Big City is the internship blog I'm writing with Ashley Poston.

In our supreme humility, we have mapped out all the bizarre things that would have to happen for this blog to turn into a movie.

  • We would have to get lost in the subway system and wind up somewhere bizarre and/or dangerous and perhaps have someone come to our rescue.

  • We could take a taxi to the wrong location and walk home dramatically in the rain.

  • One of us, and one of us alone, could get a book deal, leaving the other out in the cold.

  • The other (Ashley) could fall in love, creating balance once again.

  • The one who fell in love could fall for a fellow Random House intern, or an intern with a competing house, or a model.

  • My fiance could show up and surprise me. In Central Park.

  • Lost of other conflict-driven things we'd rather not speak of.

Let me know if you can think of any more! Here's a picture of us failing to hail a cab.

What I learned about storytelling: Making things out to be cinematic is funnn.

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